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[Tips for Android Developer] Using Android Emulator or Android Virtual Device

If you don’t have a android phone, don’t can still develop apps android and try it through Android Emulator (Android Virtual Device – AVD)

you can use the command via command prompt (don’t forget to set adb tools on system variable path on your PC) :

emulator -avd emulator-name

to start the emulator. If you want to customize the emulator appearance, you can use the command:

emulator -avd emulator-name -skin 480×320

where the Andori emulator appearance standard is:

480×320, landscape: emulator -skin HVGA-L
320×480, portrait : emulator -skin HVGA-P (default)
320×240, landscape: emulator -skin QVGA-L
240×320, portrait : emulator -skin QVGA-P

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