Enable multiple users & user session on Android

Multiple User Mode is the ability to give the phone to another person, let them log in with their own account information, and any changes they make are done under their account. They give the phone back to you, and you’ll have none of their clutter, photos, emails, or apps on your account.

Preparation :

  1. You’ll either need root access (rooting) on your Android device, ADB tools via commandprompt, or a terminal emulation application installed.
  2. In a terminal window or ADB, you’ll need to obtain SuperUser/root access. This is generally done by typing :
    adb shell [enter]
    su [enter]
    After obtaining SuperUser access, type in:
    pm get-max-users [enter]
    note : if pm get-max-users failed, maybe package manager not supported on your device, it’s no problem at all. 😉
  3. Now type in:
    setprop fw.max_users 8 [enter]
    note : this will create privilages for maximum number of users supported by the device
  4. Then, type in :
    pm create-user [usernameyouwanthere] [enter]
    example : create-user Guest [enter]

    For another pm (package manager) cheatsheet, you can visit this.

And, viola! you can try to “press and  hold” power button, if it is successful, it will show like this :


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