Offline Google Maps (for Google Maps 5.8.0 above)

Now, on Google Maps 5.8.0 can download entire maps on your location using tool : Google Labs. 😀

It’s easy one, just update your Google Maps application on your android phone, and then follows the instruction below :

1. Open Your Google Maps, and then click Menu Button, and choose “Labs

2.And new window will open with title “Labs”. Ok, this is important for us, because we gonna activate a function for precaching map area. Please, choose (checked) option : “Precache map area”. And then Ok, back to your map.

3. Now on your map, it will show you “My Location”. Please click an arrow, and then…

4.It will show a several options. Please, choose “precache map area”. And then it will notify you for downloading (cache) entire map near your location. (recommended through wifi connection)

5. Done, now you can access google maps offline 😀

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