How to download SDCard Data of gameloft games via (through the) PC

Hi, everyone! 😀

This time i want to show you how the way to download SDcard data of gameloft games through the Computer, not on the Phone.

Follow my Instructions :

Download and Extract here to your PC.

Run “GLZip.exe” and click “view links in apk” button

After clicked, then there’s new window like this :

There’s PVRT (for Samsung), ATC (HTC/Acer/Sony Ericsson), and DXT (Motorola), just go with copy that address (in accordance with your phone) to the download manager on your PC.

Download till finish and copy that zip package to the folder GLZip on your PC.

Then open again “GLZip.exe” and click “Unpack” button. And don’t forget to browse your sd data zip file.

and wait the progress till finish.

Ok, now you will see the folder of your gameloft sdcard data on the folder GLZip 🙂

Just copy the contents of sdfiles to the location sd data of your gameloft games on sdcard.

Done! 😀


9 thoughts on “How to download SDCard Data of gameloft games via (through the) PC

  1. bro, saya coba pake GLZip untuk Eternal Legacy. Dan setelah di Unpack dapet 6 file ZIPDH2.
    Pertanyaan :
    Setelah di extract semua dan di simpan di folder gameloft nya kok gak bisa juga ya ?
    Dan saya lihat kekurangannya ada pada “Thumbs.db” dimana Thumbs.db tersebut tidak ada dalam file ZIP yang telah saya download. Padahal sukses semua loh ?

    Any clue ?

  2. when i click the links in apk it doesn’t show the dialog box u have shown above…..what should i do can u tell me???

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