ChainFire on X10

26 May

Hey, see you again! 😀

Want to play Samurai II Vengeance on Xperia X10?

Maybe, you can try this method :

First, you must try to install nVidia Tegra driver on your X10? possible? yes, it’s possible!

Download this driver.

Ok, then extract it!

Please, install cf14.apk on that package to your Android phone, when you have done..please follow my instructions (instructions.txt) on that package that you’ve extracted to your computer.

Done! 😀

Now, you can play Samurai II Vengeance on your X10

Download here for Samurai II Vengeance

You’ll never imagine that pretty awesome graphics! 😀
Oh yeah, don’t forget to update your snapdragon driver with ChainFire 3D (if you used Snapdragon – Adreno 200)…just click on install plugins..choose Snapdragon or PowerVR 😀


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2 responses to “ChainFire on X10

  1. anonym6x6

    October 2, 2012 at 12:48 am

    the nVidia Tegra driver ist down 😦 can you re-upload pls?


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